Rep. Pettalia responds to part-time legislature

In a recent “Letters to the Editor” from Abigail Thomas regarding the issue of part-time legislature, it seems as though Ms. Thomas is confused on my stance. I would like to take the time to set the record straight.

Let me begin by saying that I believe term limits have hurt Northern Michigan and the 106th immensely. The 106th State House seat consists of five counties. Many of the southern districts in Michigan have as many as 12 State Representatives representing one county. Consequently, this gives them more unwritten power. At best, we have one voice for six years representing five counties.

With this being said, the power base in this great state of Michigan is the southeast and west. We have to fight in the North to be heard. This is why I have put effort into forming the Northern Group of Representatives. By doing so, we are a bipartisan group of 12 representatives working together for Northern Michigan.

In regards to a part-time legislature, I feel this will hurt Northern Michigan even more. However, if the people vote on this, we should do so.

To put Ms. Thomas’ confusion to rest, I do not base my opinion on money, but on what is best for the 106th district and Northern Michigan as a whole. With term limits put into place, I will be out of this office before any changes would even take place. This will have no effect on my job, salary, or opinion when it comes to this issue. My stance is not based on these monetary perspectives, but on what is best for Michigan and its hardworking citizens.

Northern Michigan matters, and we should have a voice.

State Rep. Peter Pettalia

106th District