AMA ESD helps kids make transition after school

ALPENA – The Alpena-Montmorency-Alcona Educational Service District Board of Education enjoyed a presentation by transition specialist Diane Bromund about the process of preparing students to transition from school life to the outside world.

“We work to help students be comfortable and prepared to leave school,” Bromund said. “The process of graduating can be overwhelming for students and parents, and we are here to assist and make the process smoother and easier.”

Bromund and two other transition specialists, Lorell Whitscell and Jess Lewandowski, work with several districts around the area and Pied Piper School to help families learn what resources are available after graduation and how to apply for those resources.

“We set a plan in place for the students by the time they are 16 years old,” Bromund said. “That plan is updated annually until they graduate and includes information for what needs the students may have after they are done with school.”

Bromund and her colleagues participate in a transition council involving agency representatives from all around the district including ESD employees, District Health Department representatives, Community Mental Health representatives, Michigan Rehabilitation and NEMROC representatives. For the last two years the council has worked to offer Transition Night, a evening event where specific families are invited to explore opportunities for assistance, job development, and other available assets for students who have graduated.

“The planning and transition process is a completely necessary process for the students,” Bromund said. “It really helps them and their families to know the different support services that are available to them through these agencies. The connection of going from school to after school is huge and our transition night is targeted to offer opportunities that will benefit our students.”

In other business:

superintendent Brian Wilmot said the district is keeping an eye on legislation regarding snow days and make-up policies, and will be discussing how to make up days after April 1.

assistant superintendent Tony Suszek said finances are tracking right on schedule after the amendments made to the budget last month.

board expenses of $261.76 were approved from February.

spring break will be March 24 through March 28.

the next regular board meeting will be April 10 at 6 p.m.

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