Time to put a stop to government’s overreach

We are all aware of the obvious over-reach of power hungry Washington as they brazenly trample on our rights and the rights of states in front of a wide-eyed America. But the obvious over-reach is slight-of-hand in the nation’s capital to cover what they do mostly out of sight. Forget for a minute that many unconstitutional grabs by Washington have support or half-hearted resistance from our state government. But consider carefully what the White House’s hand-picked administrators are doing without the necessity of getting approval from Congress or the people. Agency chiefs routinely instruct boots on the ground agents how to conduct their particular over-reach.

In the government’s attempts to control every aspect of our lives dozens of self-serving rules and regulations have been heaped on our backs. Agency administrators have been given a green-light to do what they think is necessary. The constitution is hidden in their pocket.

States are not powerless against federal government over-reach and it is our duty as citizens to recognize when Washington is stepping outside its constitutionally limited bounds. We the people can help fight back. The largely untested but legal measure of nullification, power of the purse and the Congressional Review Act can put over-reaching administrators on notice and in some instances will result in policy change or reversal.

We the people need to take it upon ourselves to properly and thoroughly educate each other and our elected representatives about these legal methods of slowing down Washington’s abuses and usurpations. We must aggressively use all and any legal tools available to the people.

Please check out these claims and write, call or visit your representatives at the state and national level and show them how they may successfully combat federal overreach.

Bob Lamb