We need to send message about water rates

In approaching the United Water Co. with my deep concerns regarding the tripling of my water rate since the installation of the new water meters. It is my conclusion that United Water and the City of Alpena could care less how much they are charging the Alpena community for water. I went before the Alpena City Council and voiced my need for help resolving the problems with the water rates however, it fell on deaf ears.

United Water checked my toilets and every faucet, washer, dishwasher, resulting in no excessive water being found leaking. United Water suggested I get a certified plumber and even he couldn’t find any leaks.

It is time to send a message to United Water and the City of Alpena. We can’t afford higher bills with nature gas and propane up, fuel for our vehicles spiking.

I can understand why the Alpena Township is so reluctant to join the city of Alpena in raising their rates for water. Their bills will go through the roof like many have in the city.

Maybe we need to start a petition to voice our concerns with the rising water rates. If many are experiencing way to high rates we need to band together and say, ” I’m not going to take it any more.’ God Bless America.

Cal Howard