Township board takes fire department seriously

In Response to Mike Fox.”PI Township board responsible for fire mess.”

Mr. Fox, if you are Mr. Fox, as you sound so much like a woman most of us know.

1. You are right the township supervisor should not be a member of the Fire Dept. Thankfully the Supervisor we have now is not currently acting on a fire dept.The Former Supervisor was not only the supervisor but on the fire dept. in question,on the board of directors, Asst.Chief, self appointed acting Chief, self appt. Treasure and acting fire responder.

2. It is Totally up to the fire dept. if they want to be Township or a non profit 501(c)3.

3. If you went to meetings and listened, you would know the response time we have under the current protection is well with in range of 10 min. They are not volunteers.

4. We are worried about our insurance ratings which is why we want a Fire Dept. We would love to run our own Fire Dept. (Certainly could not for $7,000, under the last directorship the Dept. went belly up on $142,000) The corporation we had as a fire department took it away from us, sold the equipment out from under us and is letting the building deteriorate.

5. The township does take this issue very seriously.

If you want to move, so be it but chances are you are now living with in the area of an acting fire Department and Not in the area with out.

Sandie Nowak

Presque Isle