Question about what happens to fire district

As a member of the committee seeking restoration of emergency services to Presque Isle Township Fire District #2 I have a question for the Board of Directors of Presque Isle Fire Department. What is your exit strategy or how do you see the end of this game playing out?

If you think refusing to be accountable or hiding under your cloak of silence is endearing yourself to the community you were entrusted to serve you are gravely mistaken.

One of the benefits of circulating the petition for dissolution of your corporation was to actually take the pulse of of the community and see where our sentiments lie. Two things became perfectly clear: 1. The present Board of Directors of PIFD have wore out their welcome in this district, and; 2. This district will not tolerate another corporation controlled emergency services facility.

That brings us to our present standoff.

A typical act of piracy involves a ransom demand. We have not heard of any demands, in fact, we have not heard anything at all. With no demands or offers of resolution forthcoming we can only conject this is some sort of vicious game of political spite and malice. That being said, Presque Isle Fire Department, you lose.

At present Presque Isle Township Fire District #2 has excellent emergency service, thanks to a contract with Alpena Township and mutual aid from surrounding Departments. What has suffered is the reputation of the officers of the Department. Their legacy will be the organization that brought down a 44 year old community institution.

If the Presque Isle Fire Department has a magic wand, now might be the time to wave it.

Richard Nowak