One-sided view of ACA, Medicare Advantage

First off your numbers are all wrong in your viewpoint of Feb. 26, 2014. According to a March 2012 Medpac report to Congress about 12.1 million people are on Medicare Advantage plan not the 16 million you stated. Second, there need to be cuts to the current Medicare Advantage plan to bring them more in line with the current cost of traditional Medicare. In 2008 the Federal Government spent 12 percent more on Medicare Advantage than it did for comparable care under traditional Medicare. These subsidies added an additional 14 billion to the Medicare program cost in 2009. Who’s paying for these subsidies? Not the people on the Medicare Advantage plans. Under the Affordable Care Act these subsidies will gradually be reduced until payments to Medicare Advantage are in line with the cost of traditional Medicare.

Stan Mischley