Hillman discusses ways to use radio station

HILLMAN – The license to operate a low-power FM radio station in Hillman was approved and received near the end of January, and since then committee members have been discussing different ways to move forward with the station.

Village Manager Dave Post said the group has been deciding on what steps need to be taken next, such as looking at fundraising options and writing for a 501(c)3 so those who donate for the station would be able to apply for a tax deduction.

“We haven’t decided on what equipment would be best for the station,” Post said. “We have been looking and will continue to look at different options, and might consult with Prometheus about equipment.”

The Prometheus Radio Project is a not-for-profit association for community based micropower stations.

“We are hoping to work with the school board and get the school involved,” Post said. “Initially we had a positive response from the school when the idea was presented.”

Post said the board has a year and a half to get the station running, and members are looking at different locations that would work best.

“It’s a 100 watt station that would broadcast between three and four miles in the village,” he said. “We could broadcast village news, have community radio programs, create different programs that fit into our format, broadcast graduation and sports, highlight parades and maybe even have Music at the Mill programs.”

The board has to set the criteria for what will be broadcast from the station.

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