Judge will decide on consolidating CSC crimes

ROGERS CITY – A Rogers City circuit court judge will decide whether to consolidate three cases against a Hawks man accused of seven counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct.

Presque Isle County Prosecutor Richard Steiger had asked Judge Scott Pavlich to join the three cases against Jeremiah Allen Dewey, 35, into one. Court files show two of them involve the same accuser at different ages, including under the age of 13. The third involves a minor under the age of 13. He has pleaded not guilty to all of the charges.

A conference call for the cases is set for March 24, Deputy Court Clerk Rose Przybyla said.

Patrick Crowley, Dewey’s attorney, said a joinder of the charges could impact a pending trial.

“While (Dewey) maintains that he did not have anything to do with any of them, we are very concerned that a jury being forced to listen to facts of different allegations would lead to confusion, or could lead to confusion,” he said.

Jacob Sartz, Dewey’s co-counsel, was present at a docket call Monday when Pavlich said he’d issue an opinion on whether to consolidate the charges. Sartz echoed Crowley’s opinion, adding he’d prefer three separate trials.

Steiger said he “eagerly awaits” the judge’s decision, both on the joinder and on using other acts allegedly committed against the two minors involved in the case.

“If the joinder is permitted, there’s a statute that allows other molestations and sexual acts against children to be used in a case involving a child,” he said.

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