Committee seeks answers about fire department

Regarding the demise of Presque Isle Fire Department No. 2, concerned citizens of the district affected have formed an ad hoc committee to determine what legal recourse can be pursued to protect the remaining assets (building and equipment) for the benefit of the citizens of Presque Isle Township. This committee approached the Presque Isle Township Board to request a comparatively small sum of money to consult an outside attorney regarding this matter and was understandably approved by a 4-1 vote of the Board.

The actions of Mr. Pokorski and others channeled through their “non-profit” corporation have led to numerous federal, state, and private bank liens and notices of foreclosure and/or repossession to be placed on Fire Department assets, despite the Department being funded to the tune of at least $142,000/yr by Presque Isle Township. In addition, fire and safety equipment were operating for some time without insurance coverage and even phone and electricity bills were not being paid.

Mr. Pokorski’s “non-profit” corporation hired him in 2010 as “Fire Administrator” and was paid $40.000, while neighboring departments were paying full time personnel $13.65 per hour. At least five members quit the department due to mismanagement in 2011, however Mr. Pokorski’s compensation jumped to an astonishing $53,000 by 2013.

Our committee exists for the reestablishment of a functioning fire department for the citizens of District No. 2 that are the true victims of this travesty. Ms. Paltelky and other Pokorski apologists who have encouraged turning a “blind eye” to Mr. Pokorski’s own admission that there was a $70,000 embezzlement within his “non-profit” would do well to “get the true facts” for themselves.

Joe Roberts

Presque Isle Township