Most of us have to work for middle class status

He’s back. After exhausting himself by doing “research” by shooting at the Doctor’s Club, hunting woodcock in Minnesota, shooting ducks in Mexico and Canada, hunting Mountain Quail in Idaho, Stephen Fletcher is once again going to enlighten us about the economy in The Alpena News.

Mr. Fletcher states “By accident of (his) birth in this time and place, (he is) a citizen of the best country of the world.” I agree we are fortunate to live in this country. However, most of us were not born with a silver spoon in our mouth nor could we inherit wealth and stature by accident of our birth. As children of immigrant families, we had to work for it and enjoy the middle class American dream by the fruits of our labor. I am afraid this dream is no longer obtainable for many (not from the lack of effort but from the lack of opportunity).

Mr. Fletcher need not apologize for his fortune of birth. However, because of his status, I believe Mr. Fletcher has no real concept of common folks trying to make a living in today’s economy. Therefore, I will pour a ton of salt on any of his “researched” opinions.

Paul Mancine Sr.