Not sure Marsden knows what she’s writing

I’m just wondering about the intelligence of some of the editorial page writers of the Alpena News.

In Friday, Feb. 7, Rachael Marsden, Syndicated Columnist was pondering the Keystone Pipeline. Saying how it would lead to Canadian-US oil independence by allowing oil to be piped from Alberta, Canada to the Gulf Coast of Texas where it can be exported. Sounds to me like big oil can Make more profit by selling abroad. I’m trying to see through the fog and understand how exporting the oil can help our oil independence.

She also remarked about the safety of oil by rail transportation, citing explosions in North Dakota and Lac-Megantic, Quebec. She wonders how many polar bears choked during these catastrophes. Hmmmm, since when do we have polar bears in North Dakota and east of Montreal? Could it be they are migrating because of global warming?

Jim Dessenberg