Alpena shows improvement in MEAP scores

ALPENA – Alpena Public Schools received the results of its Michigan Educational Assessment Program, and the district has been making significant gains across the tested areas.

The district’s third- and fourth-graders scored the area’s highest percent proficient in math, fourth-graders also scored the area’s highest percent proficient in writing.

Sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders have improved for the third consecutive year in math, with the seventh and eighth grade math scores being the highest in the area.

Grades three through six, and eighth grade all surpassed the state’s proficiency percent in reading, and the district is the highest percent proficient in science in the area and ahead of statewide results.

“We are pleased with this year’s results,” Superintendent Brent Holcomb said. “A lot of effort has gone into aligning our curriculum and dialing in our teaching. The scores show that we’re moving in a positive direction and making an impact for kids.”

MEAP tests are given to all public school students in grades three through nine across Michigan, with the math and reading tests in grades three through eight. Additional writing tests are given to fourth- and seventh-graders, science to fifth- and eighth-graders and social studies to sixth- and ninth-graders. These assessments are an important measure the district uses to gauge the effectiveness of its programs.

“There are always areas for improvement,” Holcomb said. “We are working hard to concentrate our resources on activities that will sustain our momentum. It’s a team effort.”

MEAP tests help provide direction for the district as it focuses on its improvement efforts to bring up proficiency levels in assessment scores.

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