Editorial: A big ‘thank you’ to the recent ARMC benefactor

When people consider “quality of life” factors that make a geographical area attractive, high on everyone’s list is access to health care.

Having quality health care close at hand is important to all of us, thus facilities like Alpena Regional Medical Center and the Alpena Cancer Center are blessings for the residents of Northeast Michigan.

Tuesday an anonymous benefactor shared their appreciation for the hospital and cancer center with a $1 million gift. The donation marked the largest single gift ever received at ARMC.

The generosity of people never fails to amaze us. In a world where cynicism and skepticism would seem more appropriate, it is stories such as this that inspire and encourage us. Thankfully, in Northeast Michigan, a story like this seems more the norm rather than the exception.

Obviously $1 million will go a long way to making a difference at the cancer center. ARMC Chief Executive Officer Karmon Bjella said the gift “will have a lasting impact on patients for years to come.”

Imagine the impact this one person will have on the lives of hundreds or thousands of others.

What a wonderful gesture.

“Thank You” from the hearts of a grateful community.