Disappointed by coverage in Freese trial

I rarely read the details of articles such as the one concerning the Freese Trial in the 1-29-14 edition, but since it was brought to my attention I took the time to do so. When I read of the witnesses’ testimony I was appalled that not only were the sordid details reported but their names as well. I understand that this trail is in process and the court will determine the outcome. But what I don’t understand is why are the names of the witnesses and their testimony being so carelessly published before the public at large?

There are huge numbers of sexual violations that are never reported simply because the victims do not want to go through the pain, shame and embarrassment that they feel before strangers in a court of law. Sexual molestation of girls and boys is much more common in our region than many would ever think. It is a heinous act that preys on those who are weaker than the perpetrator and leaves the victim feeling dirty, shamed and violated. Without compassionate help, they will live with the memories for the remainder of their lives.

I think that the reporting on this case was extremely insensitive and has “uncovered” the witnesses once again, only this time before the whole community. I hope that we will learn from this incident and become much more compassionate and protecting of our fellow citizens.

Gary Smith