Editorial: New traffic light on M-32 the right decision

Another traffic light on M-32 where the proposed entrance to the new Meijer store will be constructed is welcomed news for the region.

The already-congested stretch of highway from Bagley west to the first stoplight atop the hill at M-32 gives many a motorist fits at times. The thought of yet more vehicles entering and exiting the highway in that area and thus, adding to the traffic congestion, had many of us concerned.

Thankfully, Michigan of Department officials agreed with what seemed as common sense, and agreed a new traffic light was needed.

We believe this is outstanding news for the region, as it should significantly reduce the risk of accidents in this stretch. Not only will Meijer and its customers benefit from the light, but so will all the businesses in that stretch of M-32.

We should point out MDOT officials were quick to make a decision after first studying the request and conducting traffic studies through that stretch.

This portion of highway has been receiving a lot of attention lately as well from Michigan State Police, who routinely are monitoring the stretch for illegal lane usage issues and other traffic violations. It is their hope that more strict enforcement there will both educate the public and reduce the potential for accidents.

We see a new traffic light in that area as very positive news for all of us.