Meijer receives approval to install traffic light at entrance

ALPENA – Meijer Corporation has received approval to have a traffic signal installed at its proposed main entrance to the new Meijer superstore on M-32. Alpena Township Supervisor Marie Twite said she is pleased with the decision by Michigan Department of Transportation to allow for a traffic light at the entrance.

“M-DOT Manager Doug Wilson said M-DOT agreed to a signal on M-32,” Twite said. “The light would be at the entrance going west on M-32 between where the new Meijer entrance will be and the current Walmart entrance. The light will probably not be installed until the store is opened or more traffic studies are done.”

Twite said concerns about traffic congestion in the area had been previously voiced, and this new light will help move the traffic around more efficiently.

“This light should clean up any issues with traffic congestion in that area,” Twite said. “The signal would be 50 percent funded by M-DOT for maintenance, and 50 percent from the owners of the driveways located at the light.”

Meijer is responsible for securing some expense coverage of 25 percent from Walmart, and if Walmart does not agree to pay 25 percent of the light, installation and related expenses, Meijer will be responsible for all the expenses.

“I think this light would be a benefit to Walmart also,” Twite said. “Hopefully they will partner in the cost.”

Meijer expects construction on the superstore to begin this spring, and the store is projected to open in April 2015.

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