Fellow 4th graders raise money for trip

ALPENA – Three Ella White Elementary fourth-graders raised just over $77 to help their class take a field trip to Mackinac Island.

Makayla Armstead, Maggie Kelly and Mykenize Klimczak raised the cash by selling candy at school lunches for the past week, they said. The school’s three fourth-grade classes will make the trip in May. Each class had to raise over $1,000, or each student would have to pay $60. So the three girls took the initative to pitch in.

Kelly said she and Armstead came up with the idea one day at recess, so they made posters and started selling candy bars, Skittles, suckers and other sweets at lunches. On Friday, students who bought the candy could take a paper heart as a Valentine.

“Since today was Valentine’s Day, we cut out paper hearts and wrote ‘To:’ and ‘From:’ with a blank space so (students) could write a message on them,” Kelly said.

All told, the girls made $77.39. Principal Melissa Schaedig said she’s pleased they had the motivation to come up with the idea.

“I’m glad other students supported them, and ultimately supported the whole fourth-grade class,” she said.

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