Board approves temporary fix for server problems; hopes to budget for new

ATLANTA Montmorency County Board of Commissioners approved to spend $700 to temporarily fix a server that is used by the county at its meeting Wednesday morning. The upgrade would get the county through to approximately the end of the year, after which the commissioners will have to look at spending around $15,000 for a new server to replace the old one, and having to budget for that replacement.

“We discussed options of trying to get some grants to possibly help pay for the server,” clerk Cheryl Neilsen said. “We definitely need a new server. Ours now is over eight years old.”

The county will have to replace the entire server because it has become obsolete as far as storing the information needed for the county. This update would add enough storage space for the remainder of the year only, and will be a one-time update.

“It’s at its limit,” commissioner Bert LaFleche said.

The board passed a motion to update the county server for $700 to get it through the end of this year.

Commissioners also discussed the future budget, looking ahead at a five year budget plan created by Chair Gene Thornton that is based on projections of percentage increases in retirement, health care and child care, along with current revenue and expenditure patterns in the general fund.

In the projected budget, the increases and spending versus the incoming revenue would have the fund balance drop by more than half by the end of the five years, putting current spending into a long-range perspective.

“It’s just to look at what we’re spending, and if we keep the same rate of spending now, where we will end up in five years with the projected income,” Thornton said. “With the budget system, we only have to do a one year budget, but we still have to live next year.”

Thornton plans on doing a similar five year budget projection for special fund budgets as well to get a better idea of where the county will be in the future and how to better avoid budget issues.

In other business:

the new scanner has been installed and is operational at the county jail.

undersheriff Brian Crane is looking into new furnaces for the department.

Bernie Neilsen was approved to go from a part-time to full-time employee working maintenance for the Sheriff’s Department. Motion passed 3-1, with Daryl Peterson voting against.

The Montmorency County Courthouse will be closed Feb. 17, in observance of President’s Day.

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