PI Dist. Fire Dept. no. 2 saga continues

P.I. Dist. Fire Dept. #2 Info.:The Saga Continues:

1.Mr. Pokorski has sold one fire truck using funds to pay off debts on the building incurred by the Corp. Another truck may be on it’s way out.

2.Although the police can not find causes for charges, these fire trucks are being sold with an IRS Lien on them…How can this be?????

3. Many.Many,Many attempts by concerned P.I.Township Citizens have been made to Mr. Pokorski, although his phone message says he will return your call, He does not! WHY won’t he tell us what his intentions are for OUR dept.??????What is he hiding!?? Must be too busy driving your children back and forth to school as he NOW works for the Alpena School System.

4. The fire dept.bld.. although appears to be heated and powered, has not been plowed, has no mail box nor flag flying.It appears this building IS NOT being attended to or looked after.The property for this building was donated to the township for emergency services.This is NOT happening.


Sandie Nowak