The unions support the low wage earners

Let’s talk Amnesty! I talked with my daughter in California yesterday. She has a gardener who comes to her home each week and mows the lawn, trims the shrubs, does all of the weeding, trims everything up and then takes all of the refuse and leaves. Her cost is $80 per month. Bad news for our local lawn maintenance businesses. She got bids for painting her house. They ranged from $6,500 to $2,300. She has her gardener – she took the low bid on the house painting. Bad news for our local house painters and drywallers.

All of the people she employed were illegal immigrants. They worked hard and were very highly skilled and have an incredible work ethic. They work for cash and probably, showing no income, get food stamps, free health care and other types of assistance. Bad news for taxpayers.

There are no legal high school kids working in fast food restaurants in California. How do our kids learn how to show up for work, do a job properly and prepare themselves for a future if they can’t find a job? Bad news for our kids!

When I built my home in California I was able to hire laborers for $20 per day plus lunch! The unions support amnesty because they see a vast pool of low wage earners they can add to their roster. At the same time, how will 11,000,000 people being legalized affect the wages of our skilled and semi-skilled citizen workers who have suffered a tremendous loss of income and employment in the last decade?

The decision about what to do about this is, as a voter, yours. Think carefully on who you vote for.

Does your representative want to help us ordinary working citizens or buy votes for themselves or their party?

Ray Fencl