Fletcher: Nothing bad about this – son’s moment was ‘golden’

As I’m writing this, I’m having an “airline day” of dramatic proportions. I got to Detroit Metro recently at 7:15 a.m. to find that my flight was postponed just long enough to spoil the chance to make a connection in Chicago which would get me to my destination by 12:30 p.m. It would have been a wonderfully convenient trip.

I’m now shuffled around the country in such a way as to be seven hours late. This hasn’t happened to me in some time and is reminiscent of air travel in the sixties and seventies. Sometimes, a person just needs a reference to see how improved things are now as opposed to earlier times.

Today, I’m thinking about relationships. My interaction with my son Tait has been rocky for a long time although we have been both plugging away at trying to improve the father-son thing. Lord knows that there are many guys in the same boat. This past month was a huge turning point for us.

As many of you readers know, Tait became a cage fighter about a decade and a half ago. He fought professionally for a period of years and was on TV and featured in other social media. To say the least, I was worried about his probability of being seriously injured but, also, I just didn’t understand his choice of vocation. I suppose that I could postulate that being in business can be rough and tumble, but not like cage fighting. I had no experience with it and expected the worst end result to be realized. I didn’t think that it was cool, only scary. Eight or ten years ago I suggested that an occupational change might be in order.

Tait decided to become a stuntman which may seem to you [ correctly ] that it could be risky also, but I saw it as a great deal less risky so I was mollified. I still did not, and still don’t, understand the ramifications of the efforts needed to get parts in movies and on TV but I was greatly relieved at the career change. I don’t understand how it all works but I don’t have to, after all, it’s Tait’s job and not mine.

Tait continued to get movie and TV roles and even did a Progressive Insurance ad with Flo! Since his stuntman work usually casts him as a villain, normally, he doesn’t make it to the end of the film nor series as the good guys have to exterminate the bad guys.

He told me last spring that he was in the last four episodes of Breaking Bad and I thought that it sounded like steady work. I thought: “A series where you show up to the same job” sounded like the kind of job I have and it’s sort of regular. I noted it as a good thing.

Then Breaking Bad won a Golden Globe Award and was nominated for Best Ensemble and for Best Stunts. Tait was nominated by his peers to possibly win two “Actor” awards from the Screen Actors Guild. These awards are voted on by fellow members of the group which makes the movies and different series. To say the least, I was confused.

Then, the envelopes were opened and he’s on the stage with his fellow cast members and they have won! Nominated for two and won one! Ye Gods!

Well, I still don’t understand the procedure to be in the movies but I do understand being honored by your peers. Never in a million years would I have guessed……..

I’m still confused and overawed but I’m one proud Papa! Finally, I’m taking Tait seriously. Congratulations Son!

My goal is for him to get a role in which he survives to the end of the production.