What are we going to do about our children dying?

Ronald Stephens executive director of the National Safety Center says we should “do everything we can” and in practically the same breath puts the blame in the wrong place.

How many criminal free zones do we have here in in Alpena? A whole lot, I’ll bet.

What is a criminal free zone? That’s where people who were raised by good parents, follow the strict procedures required to purchase firearms,have great

value for the sanctity of life, don’t play video games, and are in good shape mentally are not allowed to carry a firearm. Criminals love them because

they know they can carry out their criminal activities in these zones and will not be confronted.

Children die in criminal free zones.

When are we going to put a stop to this?

I follow the Jerusalem Post. Unless I missed it, there never has been a child shot in an Israeli school. Recently, there was a picture taken at

an Israelis school showing a line of students, probably third graders, walking into school, followed by a young female teacher with a rifle slung

over her shoulder. The Israelis also engage in behavior profiling

We are great in encouraging the growth of these criminal free zones when we suspend from school little 6 year old Johnny who points his index finger at someone while playing. Makes me wonder what the school board in that community was smoking.

Robert W. Thompson