Hillman Village Council updates USGS Survey map; names on bank account

HILLMAN Hillman village manager Dave Post told the Hillman Village Council that the village U.S. Geological Survey Map had been done for wastewater management at its meeting Tuesday night. The map had to show the landscape surrounding the sewer lagoons for a circumference of one mile as recommended by the permit application.

“We’re writing for our wastewater discharge permit application,” Post said. “We had to do a location map for that. It’s a USGS map showing the surrounding area. It was preferred that the map encompass one mile around the property boundaries. This is for our sewer lagoons so we can discharge water after it’s treated from the lagoons.”

The council also approved having the names of president Myron McIntire and clerk Brenda South added to an account with Bank of Alpena to allow for transactions to be carried out.

“We need to have three names on at least,” Post said. “If we decide to move that money we need two signatures. If one of those three people aren’t around, then we still can have two signatures.”

The names were added along with treasurer Vicki Rouleau’s name, which was already on the account. Council members were concerned when they discovered the names that had been on the account previously, McIntire’s and South’s, had been removed and they were no longer allowed to access the account. The reason why they were removed without notification to the council has yet to be determined, but with the approval of a motion to add them back onto the account, the recommended number of names is in order.

In other business:

* the monthly bill payments totaled $20,893.76.

* the council accepted a proclamation to set April 2014 as Social Host Awareness Month.

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