Township appoints Poli new trustee

ALPENA – The Alpena Township Board of Trustees appointed Norm Poli to fill the seat of Gary Schuelke at its meeting Monday. Three candidates applied for consideration to fill the temporary position; Norm Poli, Dave DeKett and T. Juengen Thusat. Each candidate has served or is currently serving the township by being involved with different boards.

“They were all good candidates and we had interviewed them previously,” supervisor Marie Twite said. “I believe Mr. Poli will do a good job on the board.”

Poli was elected with a 5-1 vote, with trustee Brenda Fournier voting against.

Poli, along with trustee Matt Dunckel will have to run again for the trustee position in November and be voted onto the board.

The board later approved the purchase of a new air compressor for the North Side Station. The 175 PSI compressor will cost the township $1099.99, but is necessary to keep the trucks running.

“Our trucks require a minimum of 120 PSI,” Twite said. “I think we should go with the one that would provide what we need.”

The air compressor keeps the pressure up in the trucks in the bay, keeping the airbrakes off and the tire pressure at the recommended level.

“The compressor that was there was really under power,” Captain Mark Hall said. “The other problem we have is to keep the tires at full pressure. Those tires need to have 110 PSI to get to that pressure. This is the case where we need to buy the right tool for the right job.”

The old compressor is out of service, and the station is keeping the trucks ready to go with a small electric compressor in case of a fire call.

The board unanimously voted yes to purchase the new 80 gallon, 175 PSI compressor from Tractor Supply as soon as possible.

In other business:

* the board approved a proclamation to observe April as Social Host Awareness Month, which supports taking a position against underage drinking and social host activities within the community.

* a service agreement between Alpena Township and Maple Ridge Township regarding a request for fire protection and emergency/rescue services to Thunder Bay Village for services on a yearly basis.

* the township fire department had over 170 runs in January, which is a large increase for the department and averages out to around 5.5 runs per day.

* the township recently offered a mandatory training session for fire fighters and department of public works employees, and those not in attendance must have all courses completed by May 1, to be in compliance with the state recommendations.

* township officials are asking the community to please help keep fire hydrants clear of snow and obstructions. Workers have been trying to dig out the buried hydrants, but are in need of assistance from community members to keep the hydrants clear. Officials would also like to thank those who have already been digging out the hydrants around their homes and businesses.

* residents are reminded that with the snow piling up, it can end up obstructing house numbers and the green reflective number signs used by emergency workers to find those in need. If the numbers are not easily visible, it can take longer for emergency services to find a home. The Fire Department recommends checking the signs to make sure they are readable from both sides of the road.

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