Street Cats sweep Berkley

BERKLEY-The Alpena Street Cats wrapped up a weekend sweep of the Berkley Bruins with an 18-5 win on Saturday and a 9-6 win on Sunday.

Alpena (19-13) took quick control of Saturday’s game, picking up seven goals in the first period. Vladislav Khasanov hit two in the first period. Other Street Cat scorers included Edgar Kharlamov, Andrei Kiselev, Savelii Shurikhin, Vladimir Mokrousov and Garret Bailey.

The Bruins Adam Jonak hit the Bruins only goal of the first.

The Street Cats outscored the Bruins 8-3 in the second period. Skhurikhin led Alpena in the second period with two goals. The other Alpena scorers were Khasanov, Tommy Hrynkiw, Deev, Konstantin Khramov, Kameron Russel and Sergey Merzlov.

Jonak picked up one goal for the Bruins as did Colton James and Brice Kinney.

Scoring slowed down somewhat in the third, with Alpena picking up only three goals and the Bruins one. Khasanov picked up another goal as did Bocharov and Deev.

Jonak picked up the Bruins last goal of the game.

The Street Cats split time evenly between goalies Aleksandr Shishkin and Keegan McGraw. McGraw had 14 saves while Shishkin had 16. Bruins goalie Kory Dombrowski picked up the loss with 25 saves while Hunter Myers had 35.

The game was noticeably low on penalty minutes. Alpena had only four minutes for the entire game while the Bruins had two.

Alpena’s Sunday win was a more tightly fought battle.The Bruins took a quick 2-0 lead on Sunday when Timothy Musman and Jonak hit a goal each in the first five minutes of the game.

Alpena’s Sergey Deev and Khramov tied it up with individual goals over the next two and a half minutes.

Khramov led Alpena on Sunday with four goals.

The Street Cats left the first trailing 4-3 after Evan Wilson and Shane Zigman picked up goals. The Street Cats Deev’s goal helped keep it a one point game.

Alpena outscored the Bruins 3-1 in the second to take a close 6-5 lead. Khramov picked up two more goals in the second while Khasanov picked up an unassisted goal.

The Street Cats outscored the Bruins 3-1 in the third to take the game to 9-6. Pavel Bocharov hit two goals in a row while Khramov got his last goal of the night with eight minutes left to play.

Alpena goalie Shishkin picked up the win with 28 saves. Back up goalie McGraw had five. Bruins goalie Myers had 47 saves.

The Street Cats are off till Friday, when it travels to Bloomington to face the Blaze.