We need to keep pediatric care at ARMC

Northeast Michigan its time to wake up and let your voices be heard.

Alpena Regional Medical Center (hospital) is about to close their doors to Pediatric patients. (under 18 years of age) If they do, we might as well shut our towns down as what young family with children will want to move to Saginaw or Traverse City to have them treated. Not to mention all the children who live here now, what will they do without a hospital to go to.

Evidently the CEO of the hospital doesn’t have children or doesn’t care about them, since he has already gotten rid of a few Doctors. Maybe he is looking for a big raise?

Perhaps it is time for a new CEO that is more conscious of Alpena and surrounding communities, where we strive to take care of each other and their needs, it’s not always about the Bottom Line. Like the rest of the world has become, it seems like it’s all about greed.

Roberta McDonald