Common Core not the right education tool

The educational establishment will tell you that The National Governors Association developed Common Core. They will sell you the idea the CC was voluntarily adopted by the states. They will convince you the states themselves helped write the standards. None of this is true.

Three people actually wrote CC standards – Susan Pimentel, Jason Zimba and David Coleman of the non-profit Student Achievement Partners.

At a 2011 Institute for Learning Senior Leadership Meeting David Coleman was Keynote Speaker. This was his introduction by Lauren Resnick “OK, so this is the kind of person we are gonna be privileged to hear tonight. He has been involved in virtually every step of setting the national standards, and he doesn’t have a single credential for it. He’s never taught in an elementary school He’s never edited a scholarly journal, but I think he has written scholarly papers. And a variety of other things that have – you know, everybody here has done some of, he hasn’t done.”

In his own words Mr. Coleman admits (and his bio supports) “One is we’re composed of that collection of unqualified people who were involved in developing the common standards … I probably spend a little more time on literacy because as weak as my qualifications are there, in math they’re even more desperate in their lacking”

CC standards were rubber stamped by the NGA, which has no binding power and does not represent all states. With financial backing from the Gates Foundation, CC was not “voluntarily” adopted by states as the adoption was tied directly to federal educational funding. Local school boards that adopt the standards will also be tied to its alignment. CC is copyrighted material, which means there is no local control of content. This is a federal takeover of education.

Susanne Christensen