Editorial: Salvation Army always there to help those in need

We found out again this week that the saying “Need knows no season” rings true for the Salvation Army. In a story in Thursday’s edition of The News, officials from the Salvation Army discussed how they have been helping residents who are having trouble paying their utility bills keep the lights and power on this winter.

While the number of people asking for help has gone down, the bills are significantly higher due to rising prices, especially propane. The winter in Northeast Michigan has been a cold one, and while it has taken a toll on all of our finances those who are lacking in the first place are really struggling.

We see the red kettles in front of businesses throughout the holiday season, but for many of us when the holidays end so, too, do our thoughts of the Salvation Army and all it does for the less fortunate in our community.

“We are here to do one thing and that is to help people,” Maj. Craig Stoker told The News. “We do that physically, spiritually, educationally and financially if they need help. People know they can come to us for help and if we can’t help them someone in our network in Alpena will.”

But that help doesn’t end on Dec. 26, and Thursday’s story reminds us it is there Jan. 26, April 26 and Sept. 26. No month is immune from need in our community. It’s not just about food and gifts for the holidays, it’s about warm clothing, paying bills, and all of the simple necessities of life.

If you can, we encourage you to give. Don’t just wait until the red kettles come out, help your neighbors now.