Man pleads guilty in B&E

ROGERS CITY – An Onaway man pleaded guilty Monday to an attempted breaking and entering of an Onaway store on New Year’s Eve 2013.

Jason Stephen Ganske, 26, told 53rd Circuit Court Judge Scott Pavlich he walked into Tom’s IGA on Dec. 31 shortly before the store closed for the day. He went into the women’s bathroom and got into the ceiling by moving a ceiling tile and climbing up.

His intent was to wait until the store closed and get into the pharmacy to steal prescription opiates. However, he slipped, broke through the ceiling and was discovered as employees were getting ready to close.

“I knew I was caught, so I jumped down and I ended up being tackled,” he said.

Ganske pleaded guilty to breaking and entering a building with intent as a habitual, second-time offender. In exchange for his guilty plea, Pavlich and Presque Isle County Prosecutor Richard Steiger agreed to drop another charge and charge him as a second-time offender instead of a fourth-time one.

The second charge concerned accusations of his possessing burglar’s tools, court records show.

Pavlich set Ganske’s sentencing for Feb. 10. According to Michigan law, he could spend up to 10 years in prison for the felony, plus additional time as a habitual offender.

Terri Tringali, Ganske’s attorney, and Steiger both declined to comment on the case prior to sentencing.

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