Man pleads not guilty to charges

ROGERS CITY – A Hawks man pleaded not guilty to two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct involving a child under the age of 13 at an arraignment in 53rd Circuit Court Monday.

It’s one of three cases pending against Jeremiah Allen Dewey, 35, and altogether he faces seven counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct involving two minors, according to court files. Two of the cases involve the same minor at different ages, including under the age of 13.

Presque Isle County Prosecutor Richard Steiger told Judge Scott Pavlich he plans to make a motion to consolidate the three cases into one. Patrick Crowley, Dewey’s attorney, expressed doubt as to how this would be possible, considering the case involves incidents alleged to have occurred eight years ago and a year ago to one accuser, and an unknown time for the second.

Dewey does intend to take the matters to trial, Crowley said. Pavlich said he’d continue the docket call process on Dewey’s cases to determine how to proceed.

Pavlich also said he’d take Crowley’s motion for a bill of particulars to clarify the two cases involving one minor under consideration. Crowley said he believes the accuser wasn’t specific enough in giving a time frame, making it difficult to establish a defense.

Steiger said the accuser is 16, and was recalling incidents she said occurred frequently when she around 10 years younger. The case focuses on four incidents the accuser said happened over a 16-month period starting in January 2005, although Crowley pointed out her testimony covered a wider time frame.

Steiger said Dewey’s counsel had a chance to cross examine the accuser, later adding the transcript of her testimony “speaks for itself.” However, Pavlich told Steiger he’d need to identify where she testified about the four incidents.

Pavlich set $250,000 bond on two of the cases after Crowley asked if bond had been established for them. He pointed out Dewey had posted bond for one case, and had no issues while out.

Steiger asked that no bond be set. Crowley disagreed, pointing out Dewey’s ties to the community, and that his family has been involved in the proceedings. He also said Dewey doesn’t have much assets, making it harder for him to flee.

“His family is here today,” Crowley said. “He’ll be able to live with them or have independent residence here in the county.”

Steiger countered that Dewey lived in Washington for some time, and faces several serious charges.

“In addition, it doesn’t take a lot of money to flee,” Steiger said. “We have people that are indigent that flee all the time.”

After the proceedings, Crowley said Dewey is “anxious to exonerate himself on this.”

Steiger declined to comment on Dewey’s cases at this point.

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