Take a look into creative art therapies

Creative Art Therapies are now complete in Alpena. Art and Music therapy are offered to the people of Northeast Michigan and now we have access to the third type which is Dance Movement Therapy. It is being offered by Reflection’s Dance Studio under the direction of Victoria Van Wagnen B.S., M.A., D.T.

Dance Therapy’s definition is the use of dance/movement as a psychotherapeutic or healing tool, and is rooted in the idea that the body and the mind are inseparable. It’s basic premise is that the body movement reflects inner emotional states, and that changes in movement behavior can lead to changes in the psyche, thus promoting health and growth. Helping individuals those who are generally healthy as well as those who are emotionally, physically, or mentally disabled to regain a sense of wholeness by experiencing the fundamental unity of body, mind and spirit is the ultimate goal of Dance Therapy.

Ms. Van Wagnen did her undergraduate work at Hope College and received her Master’s in Dance Movement Therapy from Drexal University in Philadelphia. She wrote her Master’s thesis concerning Dance Movement Therapy and hyperactive children and those with learning disabilities. She has recently been working with some autistic children with very positive results. We are very fortunate as a community to have this resource available for our children and adults. As well as teaching traditional dance classes such as Ballet, Tap, Modern, and Sacred, she is now reaching out to Northeast Michigan to increase our individual expression and promote health through dance.

Paula Van Wagnen