Supporting our local libraries, museum

Like many in this area, I am proud to live in a town that supports the local library. The support of Libraries, Museums, and schools tell a lot about a community. Cultural opportunities make our community a destination for visitors and residents of Northeast Michigan. The tax dollars that are given to the public library provide services and maintain a public building. That got me thinking, “How is Besser Museum funded?” I was surprised and somewhat saddened to hear that this public facility was not given any tax dollars. It does receive an annual stipend from the Besser Foundation but that’s barely enough to cover utilities and maintenance. To the credit of the loyal employees and the Board of Trustees they have tried to survive and provide quality exhibits for thousands of visitors without asking for a millage vote.

To remain open the Museum has to raise at least half of its budget through admissions, grants and memberships not to mention continual fund raising projects like “Save the Maltz Bank”.

In the ten years I have been volunteering at the Besser Museum I have seen children and adults in their return visits say, “Gee, I didn’t see that last time I was here.” The History, Science, and Art of Northeast Michigan are rich and something we who live here are very proud to share. The visitors I see are interested in learning the story of Northeast Michigan. Preserving the vast collections and historical village is a constant effort. Only $25-35 a year gives you unlimited visits and also keeps this community treasure viable for the next generation. Do you know a family or friend who could benefit from a gift membership?