APS receives study on facility needs

ALPENA -The Alpena Public Schools Board of Education accepted the facility needs assessment study done by Integrated Designs, Inc., and DeVere Construction. The property committee reviewed the facility analysis at its special meeting Thursday, and Philip Niemi, P.E. structural engineer and associate for IDI presented a summary of the study at the board meeting Monday.

“The purpose of the executive summary was to go through the facilities, identify the physical state of each facility, determine how well utilized each facility was currently being used, incorporate any district requirements that were found necessary to enhance the overall educational process of the district now and moving forward into the future, and to compile all this information into a comprehensive needs assessment,” Niemi said. “We went through each facility and analized the deficiencies.”

Architects from IDI, a mechanical engineer, an electrical engineer, structural engineer, civil site engineer, and several professionals from DeVere Construction came together and went through each of the facilities to determine the needs of the district.

Site conditons were reviewed for all the buildings including the over infrastructure, utilities, traffic flow, carpet, ceiling, compliance with the current code requirements, security, mechanical and plumbing systems, heating systems and electrical systems.

“The paving structures themselves are compromised and have reached the end of their useful life,” Niemi said. “The traffic flow is very inefficient. There’s a mix of bus dropoff student dropoff and public and staff parking. There is no real clear identity to the front entrance to the building. The windows are single pane glass, the doors are inefficient, the roof membrane has reached the end of its useful life, and the overall heating plan for the building is also waining on the end of its useful life as well.”

The high school was used as an in-depth example to some of the improvements that need to be made to different buildings. The complete facility review was around 300 pages and would cost the district over $100 million to renovate all of the facilities at once.

Niemi proposed three plan-option recommendations to the board based on the building conditions, and the board will review the plan and present options to the public as far as facility improvement sometime this spring.

In other business:

* Alpena High School Principal Matt Poli told the board of the ongoing instruction at the high school, defined why the high school is a Focus school, and elaborated on test preperations.

* APS policies were approved after their second reading.

* the board approved the summer tax collection agreement with the City of Alpena.

* the next regular board meeting will be Feb. 17 at 5:30 p.m.

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