Friday’s lineup for Thunder Bay Film Festival

Ending Overfishing

Germany, Uli Henrik Streckenbach, 4 min

Do you know what it takes to put that fish on your plate? This succinct film clearly illustrates the true scale of this global problem and leaves you asking yourself, “What will I do to help put an end to overfishing?”

Marine Litter

USA, Jim Toomey, 2 min

A plastic bottle goes somewhere and that path could easily lead to the Pacific Garbage Patch. Short, concise, and visually stimulating, this film doesn’t pull punches. Don’t disregard the pertinent issue of ocean litter or the brief but valuable message this film leaves you with.


Netherlands, Ed Snijders, 26 min

On June 7, 1980, the Zenobia slowly sank in 150 feet of water off Larnaca, Cyprus. No one will officially say why. This compelling film takes us on a disorienting dive deep into the Zenobia’s treacherous hold. A marvelous script and music track, and enticing cinematography, invite us into the mysterious depths.

I’m Going to Bite Someone

USA, Steve Dildarian, 7 min

Two sharks walk into a bar well, not quite. This animated short recounts a shark’s point-of-view dialogue deploring the insults to ocean life that humans have wrought: dumping, shark finning, and geeez making a “cake” out of crabs (how sick is THAT?!) Could biting a human be a catalyst for dialogue and change?

  • Secret World of Manta and Mobula Rays

USA, Shawn Heinrichs, 7 min

Discover the world of manta and mobula rays and why their unique biology, captivating behavior and isolated populations make them so interesting. These same traits also make them vulnerable to fisheries exploitation, and in recent years their numbers have plummeted. Now is the time to learn more about mantas and mobulas, and to take a stand to protect them.

Intercanvi (Exchange)*

Spain, Toni Bestard, 8 min

This short, masterfully made film shows us how the passage of time has changed an older man and his local beach. His unexpected beach encounter with a young woman, however, touchingly reminds us that change is not always inevitable.

A Century in Stone

Michigan, USA, Brian Belanger, 24 min

This Emmy Award-winning film by brother and sister team Brian and Anne Belanger explores the story of the limestone quarry Calcite in Rogers City.