America is letting drugs be the big decider

Colorado made marijuana legal, 40,000 people signed up for marijuana cards to buy it. The majority doesn’t own nothing, they get government checks to buy their drugs. It showed on TV them passing pot pipes around smoking sharing with each other. More AIDS gonna be passed around from body fluids, and Hepitatis C. It was suppost to be for terminly ill people.

The THC level in pot today is in the catagory as heroin, opium, cocaine and crack cocaine. Anybody that smoked pot has actually gotten lost in time. America is the drug capital of the world, If llamas in Pakistan would eat opium plants and crap on the ground, they would tell people that they could get high from eating the crap, people would buy it.

The only reason the president didn’t say no to drugs, because he made a speech in college, that he has done it himself, on CNN news. This is what happens. Four mayors in Detroit, the one we know had drug parties. Took retirement funds, city money and spent it. Bought a half million dollar house in Florida and it was repoed for not paying taxes or whatever.

Washington D.C. had a mayor there that was videoed at a block party doing crack cocaine. He was forced out of office, he ran again and was relected again.

A governor or a senator bought cocaine from an undercover cop in D.C. they gave him 39 days in jail and he’s campaigning to be reelected.

It seems the people that run the world, are the drug cartels. Everybody that runs for a high office position should be drug tested, mayors, governers, senators, judges, etc, by hair and fingernails. We should legalize prostitution again since everything else is being legalized.

Ian Carp

Hubbard Lake