We need to do better job of treating mentally ill

Why, still in 2014 and all the emphasis and urgency on reforms in mental health policies, are those with serious mental illness such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, right here in our own community, by our own local hospital and police, continually being treated as sub humans, undeserving, blamed and shamed for conditions that are not their fault, along with behaviors, they cannot always control without help? Those diagnosed are typically threatened with sedation, restraints, ridiculed and humiliated by both hospital staff and local police. The patient loses his rights, dignity, and privacy right along with any and all staff compassion or humane treatment. Sadly, this treatment remains the accepted and usual course of care in our own community. We wouldn’t tolerate such mistreatment or abuse in the case of a defenseless animal, so why, with the mentally ill, are we so intolerant, cruel and callous, when it comes to their care and treatment? So we claim to want changes for the mentally ill, then where are your voices Alpena?

Is your silence buried within your complacency, apathy and relief that this isn’t happening to you? Where is your outrage and demand for benevolent and nonjudgmental treatment, whether someone has cancer or bipolar disorder?