Montmorency EDC looking for easier collections

ATLANTA – The Montmorency County Economic Development Corporation discussed collection and funding topics covered in a recent conference with a United States Department of Agriculture representative at its regular meeting Friday. Administrator Jodi Gordon said the meeting with the USDA gave her the impression the USDA is eager to work with the EDC to help with grant funding and collections.

“They were more than willing to work with us and answer questions,” Gordon said. “The big thing is collections, and how to make it easier to collect. We’re going to be agressive with working with the USDA on that.”

Gordon said the EDC is working toward marketing how to increase development with some help from the USDA. She also brought up an initiative in the works called “Montmorency on the Move,” which was mentioned to the USDA and met with enthusiasm.

“We would meet once a month to discuss business, education and community based subjects,” Gordon said. “We want to talk to the community for the first meeting and brainstorm on what the needs of the community are to enhance the probability of success and growth.”

Businesses that have prospered with help from the EDC could be involved in future Montomorency on the Move meetings, and share their stories of how they are successful.

“We just really want to stimulate the economy,” Gordon said. “It is most likely going to be about business education and enrichment, open to anyone, and specifically to people who are getting our loans. We really want people to be educated on how to succeed.”

The meetings would rotate every month between evening and morning schedules to help accommodate everyone as much as possible. It would be a simple business practice type of initiative, and Gordon is working with the USDA to find applicable grants to apply for group funding.

The first meeting is tenatively scheduled for Feb. 22, at the Montmorency County Courthouse, and more information will be posted as it unfolds. To learn more about the EDC, visit its website linked through Montmorency County’s site, or check for updates on meeting topics and schedules on the EDC’s facebook page.

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