Conservatives need to become incumbents

When liberals don’t get their way they create a way.

We’ve heard so many times there is no difference between the political parties on the left and those on the right. That is just not true. The difference is that Lefty-Liberals will not accept no for an answer. When Libs are turned down, even if it is the will of the people, they do a bit of forum shopping and come up with a sympathetic unelected judge, who is not responsible to the people, to give them what they were looking to get.

All over the nation, special-interest groups are finding friendly judges willing to bypass the Constitution and write their own social and sexual preferences into law. Liberal plaintiffs are seeking out judges who are willing to cooperate in deconstructing our culture by abolishing the Pledge of Allegiance and the Ten Commandments to make the nation comfortable for atheists, and to abolish marriage requirements to make the nation comfortable for unrestricted sex.

Liberals are able to accomplish in the courts what they cannot win in elected legislatures and even in general elections. The gay marriage fiasco in CA is one example. Voters in California approved Prop 8 to ban gay marriage. Libs found judges to rule that the people were wrong. Obamcare faced being declared illegal but when run through Libs on the Supreme Court it became a legal tax. Liberal-judges routinely rubber stamp EPA rulings making them law.

It is true that actual differences between viable political rivals are small but there is still only one party of consequence, incumbents. Ineffective party decision makers fill positions left and right but incumbents select unelected law makers who pick and choose our country’s destiny.

If conservatives really want to make decisions that matter they must become incumbents.

Bob Lamb