Let Sisters do what they are supposed to do

I am astounded by the political irony and duplicity that the Obama administration is currently presenting to the American public. On one hand the President and his administration are pointing fingers at Republicans, accusing the members of that party of “waging war on the poor” for challenging the unfunded extension of unemployment entitlement programs. While leveling these accusations at Republicans the administration purports to be “waging war on poverty” by extending several of these entitlement programs to the tune of billions of dollars, with no indication of how they will be funded, and with no indication that these programs indeed do anything to lessen poverty levels. However, at the same time, the Obama administration is actively and aggressively waging war on the Little Sisters of the Poor, a dedicated order of Catholic nuns who provide free long term and end of life care to sick and impoverished individuals. The order is fighting the administration’s mandate that they provide contraceptive and abortion coverage in insurance plans that the Sisters offer to their members and employees. These medical treatments clearly violate the religious beliefs and tenants of the Sisters and their church and should therefore be exempt from these mandates. But, the President and his minions have decided to take the Sister’s to task over this issue, and in doing so have in effect waged their own “war on the poor.” It seems impossible under any reasonable person’s standard that the President and members of his administration don’t see the irony in this persecution of the Little Sisters of the Poor. Hopefully they will come to their senses soon and allow the Sister’s to get back to their primary mission – that of providing care to the sick, poor and impoverished.

Susan Davis