Editorial: Giving thanks to those who brave the elements for us

Today seems the perfect time to stop and say “thank you” to a host of people whose jobs are made harder by the frigid cold weather and snow of winter.

Specifically we think of firefighters, emergency crews, law enforcement, road crews, utility workers, mail carriers and of course, our own newspaper carrier force. Each of these groups face harder conditions in which to do their jobs this time of year and few of us would want to trade jobs with them right now.

And, there are many other groups of workers we’re sure we forgot to mention.

Imagine life out on the roads right now with fresh snow and ice and sub-zero temperatures. Can you imagine a plow driver out in the middle of God’s country at 5 a.m. right now plowing? Or, for that matter, can you imagine one of our carriers out at the same time, on a country or township road that hasn’t yet been treated, attempting to get to you your morning newspaper?

Can you appreciate what it must be like for a water department repairman fixing a broken line in sub-zero temperatures, or an electrical company worker up in the air working on a line transformer with a steady wind and snow in his face?

For all those whose jobs are made harder this time of year, we say “thank you.”