Editorial: Adopt a hydrant to keep clear of snow this winter

We were reminded again this week with the bitter cold weather that it is probably time again to suggest to readers to adopt a fire hydrant in their neighborhood.

With all the snow we’ve received to date, hydrants aren’t necessarily easily accessable in some areas. We were driving down a city street earlier in the week and all you could see of one was the very top tip of the hydrant – everything else was buried in the snow.

In such an instance not only would firefighters have to spend critical time first cleaning out a path to the hydrant, being as it was buried under the snow, chances are greater for frozen parts and maintenance issues with the hydrant. If firefighters needed its use quickly, then would not be the time to discover mechanical problems.

It only makes sense in our mind for neighbors to take a few extra minutes this time of year to clean snow from around fire hydrants in their neighborhood. By clearing paths into the hydrant for firefighters, it gives them quick access in an emergency and reduces the probability of weather-related mechanical issues from snow.

Hopefully, none of us ever will need use of the hydrant closest to where we live. But, just in case, it only makes sense to ensure we are doing our part to assist city efforts at keeping it in the best shape possible.