Krawczak to visit China in April

ALPENA – A lot could be learned from visiting other countries, particularly when it comes to how they stimulate business development and promote tourism. It also would be informative and useful to know more about the economics of countries in other parts of the world and how business in America could benefit from some of their ideas.

In April, Alpena Area Chamber of Commerce Director Jackie Krawczak is going to be taking a trip to China that will help her to become familiar with the foreign business climate, as well as exchange ideas and philosophies with some of the nation’s business people.

Krawczak said there are some companies that encourage chamber personnel to visit other countries and one is picking up the bill to send her. She said the offer was made some time ago, but the chamber’s executive board needed time to weigh the issue on whether she could accept the offer and finally approved the business trip. Krawczak said the only expense that will be incurred will be the transportation to the airport and the rest is sponsored by the company she couldn’t name. She said she is looking forward to the trip and how she can take what she learns and share it with the chamber’s members.

“I will be visiting some tourists spots to see the tourism side of things, then there will be a day when we will meeting with members of the local government and this trip fits the chamber’s mission of helping people understand the world is important to doing business in Alpena,” Krawczak said.

The trip will be for nine days and Krawczak said she will be traveling with six other chamber directors from around Michigan. She said because she has never been to China, she has begun doing some homework to learn more about it, as well as its businesses and economy. She said she has talked to some people who have visited there and have provided her with material to help get her acquainted with it before she leaves.

“One of our members who has been there has provided me with resources and I have just started to read about the tourist-type places, then I’ll move on to learn more about the economy to learn some of the differences and similarities with ours,” Krawczak said. “It is exciting, but we don’t want people to think this is me going on vacation. I would not be doing this if the chamber didn’t feel there would be something for our members to gain or benefit from it.”

The program also works in reverse and business people from China and other locations visit different parts of the United States. Krawczak said because businesses and economies around the world are linked together, it is good for everyone to be familiar with how things operate outside of their home.

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