Alpena Senior Citizens Center says ‘Donate Your Lincolns’

Do you have some spare change? Alpena Senior Center is asking for donations in their Donate Your Lincolns fundraising campaign to generate funds for a 12-passenger van.

A van has been on the center’s wish list for quite some time now to allow more freedom in arranging small trips and to transfer seniors without their own transportation to meals, events and programs. In order to move that idea from a wish to a reality, it was decided to actively raise funds.

Donate Your Lincolns refers to Abe Lincoln’s image on pennies (or $5 bills). The catch phrase was created to let people know that even small donations, when lumped together, can make a difference in the end.

The goal for the fundraiser is to collect one million pennies or $10,000. That amount won’t pay for the van, but will sure make a great down payment.

The senior center staff is quick to point out that Abe Lincoln’s pennies might be the focus of the funds push, but, donations of other “presidents” will be gladly accepted

Donations can be made in collection boxes that will be distributed throughout the community or at the Alpena Senior Citizens Center, 501 River.

The results from the fundraiser will be revealed on Feb. 17, President’s Day.