Pawloski pleads guilty to animal abuse

HARRISVILLE A Glennie man pleaded guilty Monday to a felony charge of cruelty to animals and admitted under oath that he did nothing to help three malnourished dogs and six horses in his care. Two of the horses died.

Timothy A. Pawloski, 32, will be sentenced at 9:30 a.m. Feb. 3 by 23rd Circuit Court Judge William Myles at the Alcona County Courthouse in Harrisville. Meanwhile, he is free on bond.

The maximum sentence is up to two years in prison and 300 hours of community service. According to Monday’s agreement, a second charge of abusing and torturing animals will be dropped at sentencing. That charge carried a maximum sentence of four years in prison.

During the court session, Myles said by pleading guilty Pawloski was giving up his right to a trial. He also could be sentenced additional time. At the time he committed the crimes in Alcona County he was on probation for having a loaded gun in his vehicle in another jurisdiction.

As a condition of the plea, Pawloski cannot own or possess animals in the future. He also will be prohibited from possessing firearms.

Pawloski was warned repeatedly to feed the horses and dogs, and was arrested in mid-May for abandonment and cruelty to animals. At the time of his release he was ordered again to feed the animals, but failed to do and was arrested on an additional charge of torturing and killing animals June 2, 2013.

One horse died at Pawloski’s home and a second died later after being removed.

“I was feeding them, but then ran out of money to pay for their feed,” he said when questioned by Myles.

In previous court appearances, Pawloski said he receives $3,000 a month from the federal government.

“So you just neglected them?” Myles said.

Pawloski replied “No. They were just underweight.”

“They were malnourished, because you weren’t feeding them,” Myles said.

He also asked the ex-Marine if he sought help or attempted to give the animals to someone else. Pawloski said no.

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