Liberals have no clue about guns, gun rights

The national political cartoon of Saturday, Dec 21, showing a homeowner mistakenly shooting Santa Claus as a burglar was not only offensive but of very poor taste. It is obviously the brain child of the leftist anti-Second Amendment crowd. The cartoonist implies that people with guns are reckless and can’t be trusted. Yes home accidents to happen but It would be nice if they would print stories of the lives and property that was saved with guns instead of the biased double standard anti-Second Amendment reporting.

The NRA in their monthly magazine “The American Rifleman” has stories of many lives that were saved because people had guns for defense. Critics claim the stories are fabricated. Sorry but the stories are copied from the main stream news media which is the NRA’s worst enemy.

Our vice President recently advised people if confronted by a burglar to go outside and fire a shotgun in the air. First of all its illegal in most areas to discharge a firearm without a good reason. Second you may blast a transformer off a poll if not careful. Third the very last thing you want to do is go outside and put yourself and your family in harms way. When the police silently show up they see a figure holding a gun. Figure the rest out.

The best thing to do is remain indoors, lock all the windows and doors, while gathering the family together. The NRA as well as many Sportsmen Clubs have many safety programs on firearms, and how to handle certain critical situations. Anything would be better than our Vice Presidents idea of terrorizing the entire neighborhood with a 12 Gage blast.

Robert J. Colarusso