Pettalia made the right vote on abortion bill

I am writing in response to Doug Pugh’s letter to the editor on Dec. 20.

Yes, Doug, rape is terrible and incest is horrific. However, murder is final, life is ended. Victims of rape and incest, though terribly traumatized, live to survive and move on to live meaningful, productive lifes. Victims of murder (Abortion) do not.

However the innovent child was conceived, it is still an innovent child. Consider the child conceived by Amanda Berry, a victim of rape by Ariel Castro, and held captive for many years. Someone precious survived that most horrific situation; her little six-year-old daughter.

I give my approval to Peter Pettalia for having the courage to stand against Gov. Rick Snyder. And shame on Gov. Snyder for vetoing a bill passed not to hurt women, but to protect living, breathing, precious, innocent babies.

I weary of hearing about mothers who may be traumatized or just plain inconvenienced by pregnancy. (Outside of incest or rape, there is only one way they got that way, and it is a choice). Who’s looking out for a child and its constitutional right to life? And now abortion is legal even in the third trimester. (Roe V. Wade said the first trimester). The termination of innocent life is murder no matter how you choose to look at it.

And if a baby happens to survive an abortion, President Obama and others have, in the past, voted to make it illegal to give medical attention to an abortion survivor. And now these same politicians want to put the blood of innovent victims on my hands, by using my tax dollars to pay for it. My vote is a resounding “no.”

Sharon M. Crocker