Barton City lost a great person, good friend

Shortly before Christmas, Wayne Siebert died and all of Barton City lost a best friend. Although I didn’t return from California for the funeral, friends came from as far as Anchorage to pay tribute and respect.

Wayne was a man of strong faith and I’m certain that the funeral service attested to his heavenly journey. But I would like to speak about the person I’ve known since childhood. I never once saw him angry … never ever heard him say a harsh word about anyone and always saw him willing to help a friend or a stranger in need. He had many friends and none who would call him an enemy.

Wayne made a positive difference in every life he touched. That’s a worthy goal for all of us in this life. He was simply a good and kind man, and he will be missed from near and far.

Anna Unkovich

Arroyo Grande, Calif.