Editorial: Try to find hope despite a pessimistic poll

What is your impression of government these days?

If you are like most of America, then you are pretty pessimistic. That was the finding of a poll released Thursday by the Associated Press, which revealed most of us have a “profoundly negative view of government.”

Worse, most of us don’t think elected officials are capable of solving the problems facing us.

The poll was conducted by AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. In it, 70 percent of those polled lacked confidence in government’s ability “to make progress on the important problems and issues facing the country in 2014.”

Thankfully, the closer you got to grassroots government, statistics improved. Some 45 percent said they were at least “moderately confident” in their state government, while 54 percent showed confidence in their local government leaders.

While the poll is troubling, it really doesn’t surprise us. What does surprise, however, is this same cloud of pessimism also extends into people’s views about their own economic opportunity. Less than half of those polled believed there was an opportunity left for them to achieve the American Dream, and questioned whether they ever would be able to improve their own economic standard of living because of the way the country is headed.

We believe people always should have a dream, a goal to aspire toward economically. Whether that means a job, a home, retirement, we don’t want to see people stop pursuing that dream.

We need then to keep perspective and focus in Northeast Michigan on our attributes and work hard to keep momentum heading in a positive rather than negative direction.

We need economic good news, no matter how small or large. We need hope. When you lose hope, you lose everything, and that’s not acceptable any longer.