A Rose-y view of things

When Stanford and Michigan State take the field Wednesday for the Rose Bowl, things might get a little interesting for Hawks resident Mike Tulgestke and his family.

Tulgestke is an alumnus of Michigan State and his daughter Katie plans to pursue a master’s degree through MSU. His son Andy, however is currently a Ph. D student in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford, which could cause some light-hearted tension and some good-natured ribbing during the game.

“The whole house has been ‘Go Green’ ever since I can remember,” Katie said. “We’ve been to football games, basketball games. I remember being 10 or 11 and sitting in the cold for football games.”

The Tulgestke family is a die-hard Green and White household, right down to their dogs, Izzo, Judd, Jo Jo and Sparty; all named in honor of famous MSU sports figures. Izzo, Judd and Jo Jo are named after MSU men’s basketball coach Tom Izzo and former basketball coaches Judd Heathcote and Joanne P. McCallie. Sparty is named for MSU’s mascot.

Andy, a former valedictorian of Rogers City High School, graduated summa cum lade from Michigan Tech in 2011. He is a one year and one term into his Ph. D studies and said he attended three or four Stanford games this season.

“I hope we crush them. We like to run the ball up the middle though, so hopefully that works otherwise it might be kind of a boring game,” Andy said.

Stanford is no stranger to BCS bowl games, having earned four BCS berths in the last four years including a victory in last year’s Rose Bowl.

Andy will be back in California come game time, but was trying to attend the game if an opportunity presented itself. He considers himself a ‘Green Cardinal,’ in that he roots for the Spartans any time their not playing Stanford and he even attended some of Izzo’s summer basketball camps when he was younger.

“It’s going to be weird to cheer against them for a little bit,” Andy said. “I’ll be able to trash talk my dad for a little bit.”

Katie recently graduated from Ferris State University and plans to pursue a Masters degree in criminal justice through MSU. She said her father was pretty excited when she got her acceptance letter and like him, she’s hoping for a Green and White victory.

“I think it will be a good matchup. I’m hoping the defense can keep Stanford’s offense in check and I’m hoping for a green victory,” she said.

The Spartans are making their first Rose Bowl appearance since 1988 when they beat USC 20-17, but they were dealt a blow last week when senior linebacker Max Bullough was suspended for violation of team rules.

Still, the family-or at least most of it-is hoping the Spartans will be victorious.

“MSU’s having a real good season. (Mark) Dantonio’s got the program on the right track and it’ll be a good Rose Bowl,” Mike said. “The house is going to be about three quarters green.”

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